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Can I Buy-A-Night without Paypal?

Yes, you can use your bank card instead. Paypal facilitate our payments. During the process of buying your night, you'll see a 'Proceed to Paypal' button. Click this, scroll down and underneath the 'Login' button you'll see an option in blue that says: 'Confirm a different way' - click this to continue with your card.

Why is there a Buy-A-Night calendar for the general public, and for businesses?

What makes our Buy-A-Night calendars special is the fact that members of the public can pick and choose a date that means something to them or their families. We are also extremely grateful to businesses who wish to contribute to our compassionate housing in Southampton, and amounts donated by them are often enough to buy multiple weeks or even months. A separate corporate calendar was therefore set up so that businesses can get involved, while also ensuring that as many possible dates remain for the general public - to avoid disappointment.

Keeping our flats open is vital, so running two calendars allows for fundraising gaps to be filled across all three flats as the Buy-A-Night campaign is still in its infancy. We may well look to change our fundraising format as the campaign progress in the coming years, but we are currently not in a position where all 'public' nights are selling out. Thus, our corporate calendar is an extremely useful way to supplement the funds needed for utility bills, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, property management and even repairs and renovations. We'd love to be in a position where all of our nights are sold out, but we appreciate that this is a big challenge. Sometimes our supporters will also decide not to renew their annual subscription which opens up new dates for sponsorship, so a contingency plan for 'unsold nights' is very important to us. We continue to carefully monitor and allocate funds where they are needed most, and will make any adjustments as and when the Buy-A-Night calendars become busier.

Thank you to the wonderful friends of PPBF