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Please help us give them a good night’s sleep

Nighty Owl

Our compassionate housing, Aggie’s Burrow and Isaac’s Pad, work as hard on our finances as they do to provide a lifeline to those families in our community.  Local families benefit enormously from having somewhere safe to stay, close to their little one being cared for at Southampton Hospital.


Just £5 a month for a year (£60), can ‘Buy a Night’ for a local family. bringing them peace of mind when they need it most.

Please help us keep these lifelines running and help us give them a good night’s sleep.


If you would like to request a gift certificate, please email with your details once you have purchased your night, and we will send you a printable version.

Check out the calendars below to see who's sponsored which nights already.
You can sponsor any date in the current year.

Aggie's Burrow

Isaac's Pad

Need Some Help?

Check out our video guide below on how to buy a night. You’ll see here how to click past Paypal if you want to pay with a bank card instead.


Please complete the donation form above to support our Buy a Night campaign.

When making a donation, please choose Aggie’s Burrow or Isaac’s Pad.

‘We will always be so grateful to all the people who helped us become a family.’

Vicki Le Poidevin

“If Riley’s story can give hope to someone who may be going through the same thing, we’d be pleased to think they found some comfort in it.”

Sharon Wyatt-Nicole

“The care and love I was shown by family, friends, specialists, midwives and not forgetting PPBF both on and off island was absolutely amazing and we cannot thank them enough.”

Nicky Ajanaku

Thank you to the wonderful friends of PPBF